R TUTORIAL : 4 – Run R code | Execute R code

R TUTORIAL : 4 – Run R code | Execute R code

31st August 2018 Off By admin

We can run R codes two ways :

  1. We can run the codes inside the Console. Our data will be stored in the Global Environment but no history is recorded. We won’t be able to replicate the results once R is closed. We need to write the codes all over again. This method is not recommended if we want to replicate our save our codes
  2. Write the code in the script. We can write as many lines of codes as we want. To run the code, we simple select the rows we want to return. Finally, click on run. We can see the output in the Console. We can save our script and open it later. Our results won’t we lost.Warning: In we point the cursor at the second row (i.e., slice_vector[1:5]), the Console displays an error. That’s, we didn’t run the line number 1. Similarly, if we point the cursor to an empty row and click on run, R return an empty output.

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