Artificial intelligence blamed for rising workplace stress

Artificial intelligence blamed for rising workplace stress

24th August 2018 11 By admin

It is interesting to read the medical literature and follow the hottest trends regarding studies and research. One of the most common topics that is being looked at across the board is workplace stress.

It would seem that stress has always been an issue at the job site, but researchers say the past 10 years has marked the most radical disruption of the workplace in the past century.

Think about it: the use of computers, innovative business models, and the rapid flow of information has caused organizations of every size to change dramatically.

According to scientists who study this, artificial intelligence and cloud computing will soon spread to every aspect of every business and it will only increase.

From a health standpoint, this type of change and potential job insecurity can lead to emotional and, ultimately, physical stress.

If you feel you are experiencing this type of stress, don’t hesitate to talk with your physician and get the support you need.



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