PYTHON TUTORIAL : 2 – Installing Python | Choosing an IDE

PYTHON TUTORIAL : 2 – Installing Python | Choosing an IDE

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Windows Installation

Steps to install Python on Windows machine.

  • Open a Web browser and go to
  • Look for
    Download the latest version for Windows,

    Click in the download button.

  • From the list of different way of installing you can choose any one. But I recommand “executable installer” which leads to a .exe file. Choose executable installer with right version of windows (64bit/x64 or 32bit/x86).
  • Run the downloaded file. This brings up the Python install wizard, which is really easy to use. Just accept the default settings, wait until the install is finished, and you are done.

Unix and Linux Installation

Steps to install Python on Unix/Linux machine.

  • Open a Web browser and go to
  • Follow the link to download zipped source code available for Unix/Linux.
  • Download and extract files.
  • Editing the Modules/Setup file if you want to customize some options.
  • run ./configure script
  • make
  • make install

This installs Python at standard location /usr/local/bin and its libraries at /usr/local/lib/pythonXX where XX is the version of Python.

Macintosh Installation

Recent Macs come with Python installed, but it may be several years out of date. See for instructions on getting the current version along with extra tools to support development on the Mac. For older Mac OS’s before Mac OS X 10.3 (released in 2003), MacPython is available.

Jack Jansen maintains it and you can have full access to the entire documentation at his website − You can find complete installation details for Mac OS installation.


Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

You can run Python from a Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment as well, if you have a GUI application on your system that supports Python.

  • Unix − IDLE is the very first Unix IDE for Python.
  • Windows − PythonWin is the first Windows interface for Python and is an IDE with a GUI.
  • Macintosh − The Macintosh version of Python along with the IDLE IDE is available from the main website, downloadable as either MacBinary or BinHex’d files.


Select a IDE for Windows Machine

(for more information click on the Names)

For Data Science available popular IDEs :

Or Select a Scientific Python distribution.

I recommend a Scientific Python Distribution if you can afford 4GB-6GB of space in your hard disk. Otherwise install Spyder or PyCharm.


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